• Made of continuous polyester filament, with the most advanced spunbond technology and equipment, TDF spunbond roofing carrier has exclusive mechanical properties and ensures the quality of bituminous

  • 1.Introduction of TDF geotextiles- Needle-punched.- Made of polyester formed into a random network for dimensional stability. - Has excellent chemical compatibility.- High strength, good creep propert

  • Normal Temperature Filtration Material1.PET2.PET (Water & Oil Repellent)Spunbond roofing carrier180-ABSpunbond roofing carrier200-ABSpunbond roofing carrier250-AB

  • High Temperature Filtration Material1.Poly-AramidAccording to customer’s demand or actual working condition demand to choose Nomex, Conex or domestic poly-aramid fiber as raw material, or even combine

  • TDF has established academician workstation , and has 40 senior engineers in research and development team. Chief engineer is from former plant manager Johns Manville. Company possesses many patents a

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